Louis F Lambert

Lambert's History

Back in 1903, Louis F Lambert created the first pure culture spawn which was produced in St. Paul, Minnesota. His spawn was sold to the farmers who grew mushrooms in caves above the Missouri river, and was a revolutionary development for growers. They could now reliably produce a single strain of Mushrooms instead of the mixture they got when using imported English versions. By 1907 Lambert’s American Spawn Company was marketing at least seven different pure Agaricus strains to growers around the country.

Around 1915 Lambert moved his operation to the heart of the mushroom industry in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. There, he bought a property where the company still exist and thrives today. In 1925 Lambert selected and propagated a smooth white variation from a bed of cream mushrooms and named it Snow White. Years later, the Dutch used Snow White cultivator to develop the U1 and U3 strains grown today. In World War II, Lambert and his nephew were original producers of penicillin cultures for Sharp and Dohme Laboratories antibiotics.

The Lambert Spawn Company’s rich history has led the way in the mushroom industry for its first century in America. Our technical achievement, our commitment to mushroom growers, and our dedication to the industry as a whole will continue to make Lambert the leader into the next century.