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Manufacturing Facilities

Lambert Spawn's production capability is currently distributed over three different campuses. Our spawn manufacturing is housed in two facilities located in Coatesville, PA. Our Supplements are produced in our Ohio facility. Lambert's proprietary manufacturing process provides growers with the most consistent spawn available in the mushroom industry today. Our automated systems utilize mechanical fluid bed technology that guarantees exceptional process homogeneity and unparalleled reproducibility between batches in minimal process times. After the successful introduction of our production process in 2001 at our main campus, a second facility was bought on-line in 2006. In 2012, manufacturing capability was added to our 11th Avenue plant with the introduction of an additional Process Reactor. In addition to our Process Reactors, some key components of Lambert's manufacturing capability include:

Test Facility: Consisting of 8 growing rooms in which we undertake crop testing of our Cultures as part of our rigorous Quality Assurance program.

Centralized Substrate Preparation Facility: Carefully selected raw materials serve as the foundation for our internationally recognized CAC'ing and Synthetic (SI) Spawn. The key ingredients are individually metered to create accurately dispensed production pre-blends of the different formulations.

Culture Center: Our recently updated Culture Center incorporates the latest equipment and environmental controls, and was designed to guarantee the stability of cultures.

R&D Laboratories and Pilot Facility: Lambert's expanded laboratory facilities and experienced personnel serve to illustrate our commitment to future innovation.

Packing and Distribution Center: Orders are packed and shipped all over the world from our loading docks. The facility is designed to accommodate the cold storage and shipping of orders as small as a single case, to full sized 40' containers used for delivering our products overseas.

Lambert's manufacturing facilities are equipped to meet the diverse and continually evolving needs of our customers. The inherent flexibility of our process has given us a competitive advantage that solidly positions us as a world leader within the spawn industry. Lambert has a proven track record of operating our plants at the highest efficiency, using state-of-the-art equipment and best practices.